I’m not sure how to start this blog post. I’m not sure if there really is a right way. How can you write about someone so young that you have lost?

I guess I can start with saying how amazing Amy was.

She had the longest, prettiest eyelashes. I was always so jealous.

She had a quaint little place down Assiniboine where she loved to knit, cuddle, drink tea, and play with her adorable cat.

She loved lake 626. It was her favourite lake in the ELA. She was supposed to go work there this summer.

She was a tree hugger, a veggie lover, and an environment lover.

She loved her mom, sisters, boyfriend, and her friends. I remember swimming in her pool, teasing each other on band trips, lazy beach days, and crying in each other’s arms after breaks ups.

Then on Saturday afternoon while walking down Broadway, Amy was hit by a car.

After waiting with all of Amy’s friends and family on Sunday afternoon we received the news the she was officially brain dead. She had suffered from cardiac arrest for 32 minutes, cutting off circulation to her brain. Amy wasn’t there anymore.

The first thing I thought was – who is supposed to save the environment now?

Sometimes things don’t feel fair. Like losing a soccer game, or a bad grade. Losing Amy is beyond unfair. She was a 23-year-old girl ready  to change the world.

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I had known Amy for 11 years. Since grade seven we had been part of a group of eight inseparable friends. The eight of us had gone to grad together, cried on each other’s shoulders, and shared numerous embarrassing stories. Ever since we graduated high school we have constantly been on the move. Amy to New Zealand, April to Holland, Michelle G. to Vancouver, Kayla to Thailand – the list goes on.  A running joke of ours was we could never get a picture of us all together.

If you knew Amy, or have been affected by her in some way, I encourage you to place flowers on Broadway and Donald Street.

We love you Amy. You were taken too soon.


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7 thoughts on “NOT ALL THINGS ARE FAIR.

  1. This post is very comforting, beautiful and inspiring. I know no words will be able to do you justice through this difficult time. Sending you tonz of love, my heart and a great big hug from the east coast.

  2. We are so sorry Megan for you and your Friends and Amy s Family and Friends loss.
    Yes, we all have a duty to carry on and work harder on saving the environment and working harder
    to keep drunk drivers off the road. We are thinking of you. ,,,,, Gerry & Jo

  3. The comment is being retracted about drunk driving, right now we are uncertain about all that happened. Hopefully we will know more information soon. Thank you so much everyone.

    • Sorry Megan; I thought they had already made this conclusion.
      I do retract this comment and sincerely send our condolences.

  4. Dear Megan,
    I was reading your blog about your beautiful friend Amy, at the food court on my lunch break and it brought me to tears.
    Although, I personally haven’t met Amy, I have heard some fun stories from my friend Aretti, she worked with Amy at Stella’s. Always telling me how much she liked working with Amy. And how up-lifting Amy always has been :-) It is hard to understand as to why someone makes that decision to get behind the wheel- intoxicated. I hope that person will remember Amy’s face for the rest of their life and how much negative influense their stupid decision to drive that day impacted so many people’s life and ending Amy’s. My sincerest condolences to you and her family.

    • Thanks so much Irina. Although, I would like to again clarify that we aren’t sure it was a drunk driver, we were misinformed. I’ll keep everyone updated once we find out everything.

      Thanks again!

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